Sardines in Gata
Coconut Milk (Gata)... "ang gatang GATAkam-takam s
Sardines in Tomato Sauce
The Plain Sauce that mixed your taste.
Fish and Nuts

Indulge in the first ever spicy sardines with a unique nutty addition. One taste of this truly delectable combination of choice, deep-fried sardines with high-grade peanuts and green peas and you'll crave for more sizzling mouthful. Enjoy it as a hot new way to put some zest in your usual pulutan fare. It's spicy taste blended with rich tomato sauce and one-of-a-kind flavor from peanuts and green peas goes well with cold drinks. It's also a perfect topping for rice meals. Serve it as a flavorful breakfast, a hearty lunch, or as a sinfully hot dinner dish. Put the punch back into pulutan and spice up everday meals with MASTER Fish & Nuts. Another delicious first from MASTER- the best choice in quality canned fish.