Spanish Style Sardines
Family's Brand Sardines Spanish style. . . hot and
Sardines in Tomato Sauce
The Plain Sauce that mixed your taste.
Hot & Spicy
Make a sizzling difference in your 'pulutan' wi
Sardines in Gata

Coconut Milk (Gata)... "ang gatang GATAkam-takam sa inyong panlasa.."

Exotic, utterly good and will surely have you craving for more is what this meal is all about! Get hooked on another exquisite flavor from the first name in quality canned fish. MASTER serves you yet another delectable dish- Sardines in Gata. This mouth-watering, premium sardines dish comes in rich and creamy coconut milk sauce guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Cooked with natural ingredients, MASTER Gata Sardines provides generous servings of fish blended in spicy natural coconut milk. Savor the rish aroma way even before the dish is served on plate. MASTER Gata Sardines will surely satisfy your desires and make your every meal more exciting.